Saturday Evening Ramblings

Before and During the Brush Clearing

We have some really good news to share.  The repairs to the back wall are holding up, and even with a couple of bad storms, there was no water inside the building at all.  That’s a major victory for us on the way to renovating the building.

I got a lot done today but had to stop early because of rain, so I didn’t quite get everything accomplished that I had set as today’s goals.  Also, I only got to snap one decent picture before the rain got pretty heavy.  I really wanted to take several to show off how much progress we’ve made with the brush, but this one gives a decent idea of just how much stuff we’ve cut down so far.

Next weekend, hopefully the weather will be a lot better.  As for me, right now I’m gonna put my feet up and drink a couple of very cold beers because I’m worn out.


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