Friday Morning Ramblings

I’m grateful that I’m spending the day at the building tomorrow.  There are a lot of things to get accomplished before the spring growth takes over what we’ve already cleared, and I’m chomping at the bit to have all of the brush cleared away from the perimeter so the building is safer.  Also, I want to see how well the repairs to the back wall have held up during the recent storms.  Hopefully, everything has worked as expected and there hasn’t been any flooding inside.  Along those lines, I want to finish clearing the roof and cleaning the gutter to get the drainage system working properly again.  That will help with the flooding as much as anything.

On the drive in to the campus today, I was reminded yet again why we are making this transition to running the farm.  Traffic on 66 was backed up for a couple of miles because Dollywood reopens this weekend, and it took me twice as long to make it to work as normal.  Also, I just finished my yearly evaluation, and while my review was good, my reflection on the previous year cemented my desire to get away from this quasi-profession.  I refuse to allow the apathy of this generation to steal from me my love and passion for language.

Also, I just believe in the potential of this farm.  The timing all feels right, both for me and for the economic climate as well.  The prices for food, especially fresh vegetables, are climbing; the demand for unprocessed food is growing; and the need for more efficient farming methods is increasing.  I have no delusions that the road will be an easy one.  I fully anticipate many long days, many sore muscles, and many calloused hands over the next few years.  I expect to have setbacks and frustrations, but I also believe down in my bones that this will be successful.  I’ve never felt more sure of anything.

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