Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

This is a follow up to the entry from this morning.  It was brought to my attention that some of what I wrote could be misconstrued as an insult to my father and his efforts to provide for his family.  Let me say as clearly and directly as possible that I respect and admire my father more than any other person I’ve ever known.  A big reason for our struggles back then was a partner who robbed their business blind, skipped town, and left my father holding the bag.  Instead of giving up and feeling sorry for himself, my father rebuilt a new business and made it fairly successful.  During that time, he often worked two and sometimes three jobs to keep us afloat and sacrificed more than any one person should ever have to sacrifice for his family.  If anyone mistook what I said as a criticism of him, please know that my father is one of the strongest, hardest working, and greatest human beings ever to grace this planet, and I have utmost respect and admiration for the job he has done as a parent and provider.

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