Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

After working on the farm over the weekend, I’m re-energized and re-enthused about getting it operational.  After having been stifled for nearly two months by that terrible illness and also the frigid weather, I enjoyed exerting myself and getting a little dirty.  While we didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked, we did make progress, and it felt good to check a couple more items off the list.  The biggest obstacle right now is getting the building cleaned out.  After nearly sixteen years of sitting unused and neglected, it needs a lot of TLC and a lot of minor repairs.  Luckily, it’s still structurally sound, so all the repairs should be things that we can do ourselves.

In a couple of weeks (this weekend, of course, is the Super Bowl), we’re gonna clear out all of the trees and plants around the perimeter.  That’s going to be a major undertaking, but once it’s finished, the property will look much better and the building will be much safer.  Once the area is clear, we’ll then work on sealing the back wall to keep any water from getting in.  There are a couple of places where after a heavy rain water can seep through the cinder blocks, so we’ll use a masonry sealer to stop that.  After those two issues are resolved, we’ll then focus on insulating the walls and replacing the doors and windows that are bad.  Our goal is to have the building ready for the aeroponic units by mid-May.  To me, that’s a completely realistic and achievable goal.  It’ll just take a little sweat and a little energy to make it happen.

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