Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

If you’re looking for a laugh today, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Today’s blog is not humorous in any way.

Not that any part of my life has been “easy,” but the last two and a half years have really taken their toll on me.  The stress of the divorce, the separation from my sons, the struggle to survive on less than half my salary, the frustrations with education, and the disappointments with my writing career often feel like more than I can handle.

Once upon a time, I had faith and certainty.  Not so long ago, I believed that I was working towards something and doing work that was necessary and important for the future of our society.  With the latter, I’m talking about the education side of my career, of course, not the writing.  I believed that an educated populous capable of thinking for themselves was imperative for the survival of the Republic.

Now, seeing how dumb this generation is, barely capable of abstract thought and absolutely addicted to electronic stimuli, I no longer believe there is much hope for this nation.  In another twenty years, when these illiterate, attention-span deficient fools are asked to shoulder the burdens, I have little hope that they will be able to do it.  I know my generation has its issues.  We have been stunted by the looming presence of the Boomers, the most selfish, self-absorbed generation possibly ever to roam this planet, and we’ve been betrayed by a broken system that has strangled entrepreneurship and stifled the American Dream.  But many of us in my generation still have a work ethic and pride.  This current generation of students lacks both.

The fighter in me, the guy who decided to put it all on the line and start my own publishing company, wants to dig in my heels and fight to fix this system, but there are so many problems and morale is so low that I don’t even know where to begin.  No one really listens anyway.

My spirit has paid the price for the last two and a half years, and I distinctly feel the weight of everything I’ve been through.  I wish I still had the faith I once had, even if just for a few hours, but it’s gone, unlikely ever to return.  There’s simply too much evil, too much ignorance, and too much hate in this world for me to believe that any higher power gives a damn about us.  We’re just insects in a hive, and in this nation specifically, our hive is heading for a terrible end.

Welcome to the New Dark Ages, where fear and superstition reign supreme.

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