Saturday Morning Ramblings

It’s the end of the semester crunch.  There are essays, exams, and journals to grade, and then final grades to calculate.  During this marathon of grading, there are also panic-stricken students who finally realize that all of the dicking around in February and March means they’ll be reattempting the course in September and October.  They stream by our offices, armed with excuses and pleas, begging for extra credit and extensions.  The ones who need to learn lessons in accountability receive little sympathy; the ones who’ve shown interest in their own education get a little slack.

Once this mad dash is over, we get a nice vacation until summer school begins, but it’s hard to explain to people who’ve never done it just how stressful and taxing this last three weeks of a semester can be.  It’s part of the job, and we get through it because we are professionals and are dedicated to profession, but it’s not easy or fun.

By this time next week, I’ll be on vacation and hopefully back to work on book three.  Then, I’m gonna head to Florida sometime this month to see my boys, so the reward is worth getting through this crunch.

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