Wednesday Morning Ramblings

All-time greats, continued:


5) Art Shell  4) Erik Williams  3) Jonathan Ogden 2) Anthony Munoz  1) Tony Boselli


5) Bruce Matthews 4) Russ Grimm 3) Alan Faneca 2) Larry Allen  1) John Hannah


5) Dwight Stephenson  4) Dave Dalby  3) Jeff Van Note  2) Mike Webster  1) Dermonti Dawson

The offensive linemen don’t get the glory of a quarterback, and unlike defensive players who get their names called every time they make a play, o-linemen only get announced when they make a mistake.  But people who know football know that games are won and lost by these men.  The team whose offensive line better controls the line of scrimmage is usually the team that wins the game.  The guys I’ve listed here are the ones who I feel were the best to play their individual positions.  There are a lot of great lineman I left off who probably deserve to be on here, guys like Randy Cross and Gary Zimmerman, but I wanted to narrow it down to five at each position.

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