Tuesday Night Ramblings

My all-time favorite players by position, continued (Again, only players I’ve seen play, and based on how much I have enjoyed watching them play):

Wide Receivers

5) John Stallworth  4) Hines Ward  3) Steve Largeant  2) Art Monk  1) Jerry Rice

Tight Ends

5) Kellen Winslow, Sr.  4) Mark Bavaro  3) Eric Green  2) Jason Witten 1) Ozzie Newsome


5) John Alstott  4) Tom Rathman 3) Darryl Johnston  2) Franco Harris  1) Lorenzo Neal

Running Backs

5) Emmitt Smith 4) Eric Dickerson  3) Curtis Martin  2) Barry Sanders  1) Walter Payton


5) Terry Bradshaw  4) Dan Marino  3) Brett Favre  2) Peyton Manning  1) Joe Montana

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