Wednesday Night Ramblings

All-time defensive players:


5) Carnell Lake  4) Donnie Shell  3) Kenny Easley  2) Jack Tatum  1) Ronnie Lott


5) Darryl Green  4) Mel Blount  3) Michael Haynes  2) Champ Bailey  1) Rod Woodson

(note: Deion Sanders does not make my list because he was too scared to tackle a cheerleader.  You can’t tackle, you’re not a real defender in my book.  Great cover corner, but not a well-rounded football player)

Outside Linebackers

5) Kevin Greene  4) Greg Lloyd  3) Derrick Thomas  2) Jack Hamm  1) Lawrence Taylor

Inside Linebackers

5) Chris Spielman  4) Harry Carson  3) Jessie Tuggle  2) Jack Lambert  1) Ray Lewis

Defensive/Nose Tackles

5) Lyle Alzado  4) Fred Smerlas 3) Randy White 2) Joe Klecko 1) Joe Green

Defensive Ends

5) Richard Dent  4) Howie Long  3) Lee Roy Selmon  2) Bruce Smith  1) Reggie White

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