Saturday Afternoon Ramblings

I’m sitting here thinking about karma and how it comes around eventually.  It might not move according to our expectations or wants, but it does move, and when it does come back to someone, it often comes back in abundance.  Karma is patient and never forgets, so eventually, it will find the time and place to return to a person what they have given others.

People who have spent their lives toying with other people’s hearts or sneaking around to play games or discarding another’s love in search of something better shouldn’t act surprised when karma returns and repays them for their treachery.  They have sewn the seeds of turmoil by their selfishness, so their lives often descend into chaos and unhappiness.  Even if on the outside they appear to be living well, internally they often are being eaten alive by their mistrust,  shame,  guilt, and regret.

Those who show compassion and treat others well are often rewarded with inner peace, tranquility, and wisdom.  They may never find wealth, but their lives are blessed and if not happy, then at least content.  That may sound hokey, corny, and archaic to some, but to those of us who have seen karma at work, we know that there is a basic law at work in our lives–regardless of what trials and obstacles life throws in your path, ultimately you will get back what you give.

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