Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

Okay, so I’m going to list my personal all-time favorite players by position.  I’m going to limit this to people I’ve actually gotten to see play in my lifetime, so it’s not a comprehensive list.  Also, this is my opinion.  Here goes:


5) Jan Stenerud, kicker  4) Morten Anderson, kicker  3) Jason Ellam, kicker  2) Gary Anderson, kicker  1) Ray Guy, punter


5) Billy “White Shoes” Johnson  4) Mel Gray  3) Josh Cribbs  2) Brian Mitchell  1) Eric Metcalf

Special Teams “Aces”

5) Steve Tasker  4) Via Sikahema  3) Hershel Walker  2) Trey Junkin  1) Bill Bates

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