Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings

I’m guilty of dwelling too much on the past, for holding on to too much pain.  I’m well aware that I need to let go of what’s done and move forward into the future because my best days are ahead of me.  Very soon, I will get to spend a lot more time with my sons, and in the next few years, I will get my life on the path I want.  I have poured the foundation for this future, and now, I’m building the frame.

Yes, my ex-wife betrayed me in a vicious manner.  Yes, my childhood was not so great.  Yes, my experiences as an educator have been draining and disheartening, but I’m still standing.  I’ve got a little fight left in me, and I have a lot of useful skills that will serve me well as I forge forward into this life I’m building.  I never wanted the white picket fence or the two car garage, anyway.  That’s not sour grapes, either.  For those of you who have provincial lives, if you are content with what you have, I’m happy for you, but I’m not provincial.  From early on, I’ve done things my own way, and I don’t want to plant my roots in any one place.

My grandfather dreamed of being a wanderer, but he married young and honored his obligations.  Towards the end of his life, you could hear the regret in his voice that he didn’t get to roam this earth the way he wanted.  I have a lot of that same wanderlust in me, and I don’t want to reach the end of my life and have the same regrets.

So I’m gonna try to let go of the past, look to the future, and follow this trail wherever it leads…

One thought on “Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings”

  1. Well said! Life is not perfect, to say the least. Fresh starts are often more treasured! Keep up the work! I have had days within the past five years since my husband death that makes me want to turn and walk the other direction but i can’t!

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