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My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year (anyone looking for a last minute gift, cash or gift cards to the Home Depot are welcome), and to celebrate, I’m going to reprise something for the blog that many of us did on Facebook last year. Each day, I will center my blog around something in my life I am thankful for. In this manner, I will attempt to be more grateful for the many blessings in my life. Hopefully, this series will provide a little positivity and inspiration to your day.

Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings – Thankful #17

I’m thankful that this semester is almost over.  I’m completely exhausted and my brain feels liquefied.  I’m stretched about as thin as I can go, so Christmas Break cannot get here soon enough.  I realize that this is a fairly lame thankful post, but after the week and especially the day I’ve had, this is all I’ve got today.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

Tuesday Morning Ramblings – Thankful #16

I’m thankful for my friends.  I’m one of the most fortunate people in the world because I have great friends.  I’m not going to single out any one individual for fear of leaving someone out, but if you consider yourself my friend, please know that I am grateful for your presence in my life.  I’m not an easy person to be friends with, so thank you for tolerating my stubbornness, foolishness, and oddness.

I also apologize to my friends for sometimes being so distant.  I often deal with difficulties by retreating into my shell and and sorting things out on my own.  It’s my way of getting through bad stuff, and while I acknowledge that it makes me standoffish, it’s just the way I process things.  Please understand that if you are a friend of mine, I still care about you even if I don’t come around for a while.

My friends have always had my back, and for that, I’m most grateful.  I don’t need to reiterate what the last three years have been like, and I wouldn’t have survived without the love and support of my truest friends.  You kept me from sinking too deeply into utter despair, and I will never forget that.  Now that my life is moving in the right direction and I have found a wonderful woman who is a positive and nurturing influence, I hope to reconnect with those of you who I’ve lost some contact with.  Please, know that even if we haven’t spoken for some time, I still consider you a friend and am grateful for all that you’ve given me over the years.

Monday Afternoon Ramblings – Thankful #15

I’m thankful for The Brotherhood of Dwarves.  That book will always represent to me my rebirth as a writer.  Graduate school killed my creative drive and stifled my voice, so when I began writing the book, I hadn’t written much of anything in three years.  The reason why the first couple of chapters are the way they are is because I was unsure of myself, taking baby steps out of the gate to get my bearings and find my voice.  Other than superficial polishing, I’ll not change those chapters because of what they mean to me.

Overall, Brotherhood is a good book.  The story is tightly contained, the characters are real, the plot twists are solid, and the climax is powerful.  By the middle, I had knocked off all the rust and had found my voice, and some of the writing in the second half really crackles.  It’s not perfect and has some flaws, but in total, I’m proud of it as a story.

Brotherhood may never receive the attention it deserves, and the series may never be successful, but I will always be proud of the accomplishment of finishing the manuscript, polishing it, getting it to print, and promoting it.  I accomplished something special with it, overcame a lot of odds along the way, and created something my children can be proud of.

I’m grateful for that book, for the journey of bringing it to life, and I will always be thankful for the feelings of accomplishment and fulfilment the book has given me.