Devastating News


I just received word that Amazon and Barnes & Noble have both halted sales of my series because of a couple of humorous blog posts from a couple of years back. Apparently, I violated both companies’ “Non-Offensive Sanitized Language” policies with my jokes about Cletus McOnetooth, Billy Joe Oilmoney, and Bubba Blacklung. What kind of country do we live in where people are so easily offended that we’ll destroy a person’s career over harmless satire? I’m just devastated. Nine years of my life down the drain over a handful of entries that only my friends and family actually read. I can’t believe this is happening, especially after the recent successes.

4 thoughts on “Devastating News”

  1. Is this what the company officially told you? Or, look at the date, have you been punked? What you post elsewhere shouldn’t affect what Amazon sells or not but they could get reports from “readers” complaining about a book and they often don’t look into the book, they simply remove it from some of the searchability of their site.

  2. Whew…. I have to say you got me. Especially as I read it on 2nd and didn’t think of April fools. LOL

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