Late Night Ramblings

I promise a proper post sometime soon, but again, tonight I’m going to let the pictures tell the story.

Smokehouse before
Smokehouse today
View towards springhouse before
View towards springhouse today
Cherry trees before
Cherry trees today

The pictures from today were taken with my phone and don’t really do justice to the difference in the property.  I’ll try to get out there with my good camera and take a few more pics to show just how far it’s come from the smokehouse to the springhouse.  It’s really starting to take shape after two years of hard work.  Check back early in the week for a full post about our progress.

5 thoughts on “Late Night Ramblings”

  1. wow, what a difference. And how wonderful you cleaned up the smokehouse. There are tons of those around where I live and they are so neat to look at, but they are always covered in the Kudzu.

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