Tuesday Morning Ramblings

The Brotherhood of Dwarves - Book One

For a limited time, download The Brotherhood of Dwarves FOR FREE on Amazon.  You do not have to own a Kindle.  Just click to purchase and store it in Amazon’s cloud and read at your convenience.  Even if you already own a paperback copy, please download a free version during this promotion.  Help us push the series to the top of Amazon’s rankings!

While you’re there, please take a second to click “Like” beside the “12 Customer Reviews” and lower down please check the boxes “YA Fantasy,” “Young Adult,” and “Fantasy.”  You don’t have to do these two steps to get the free download, but the more clicks we can get in those areas, the more it helps Amazon’s algorithms market the series to the right customers.

Thank you for all of your support.  Hope you enjoy the FREE download!


Did I mention there’s no cost for the next two days?  Please, go download the book before the promotion ends.

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