Monday Afternoon Ramblings

Let me be as clear about this as possible: this is my blog, and from day one, I’ve written about whatever was on my mind at that moment.  I’m not a journalist and have never one time claimed to be a news outlet.  I openly and happily admit that I’m an entertainer.  This blog serves as my outlet for new ideas, heartfelt opinions, old memories, frustrations, outrages, and anything else that crosses my mind.  If you don’t like my opinions, feel free to comment on that blog, openly and publicly.  As long as you aren’t more profane than I am, I’ll approve it.

I don’t belong to any political party because I believe that all parties by their very nature are corrupt.  The party, regardless of political affiliation, is about the garnering of power, and as such, the leadership of that party must distort facts, twist ideas, and misrepresent situations for their own benefit.  To me, the leadership of the Republican party only represents the upper 2% of our population but to appeal to a broad base uses fear and hate to move people to vote against their own best interests.  After 38 years of witnessing their actions, I’m pretty entrenched in this belief, and no amount of Fox News bullshit will change my mind.  I also believe that the leadership of the Democratic party is a group of elitist intellectuals who want to control and manipulate people’s lives because those leaders believe they know how to live better than everyone else.  In order to appeal to a broad base, they use fear and hate to move people to give up self-sufficiency.

I’ve said before, the reason why I’m more vocal in my absolute disdain for conservatives than for liberals is because I live in a very conservative region and am bombarded daily by the hate and venom they spew.  I see it on bumper stickers, hear it in stores, and feel it everywhere I go.  If I lived in a liberal region and were bombarded from the other end, I would vent and ridicule their perversions just as vehemently.

The bottom line is that this is my outlet.  If you don’t like my views, that’s fine.  Start your own blog or write comments in public for others to read and respond to.  That’s free speech, one of our most sacred rights as Americans.

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