Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings

Okay, so I made it to and from Jacksonville to see my sons, and I plan on writing about that tonight or tomorrow.  First, however, I want to share some observations from the traveling there and back.  These kinds of people are the reasons I don’t carry a firearm when I’m driving.

First, if you’re a Yuppie scumbag in a Land Rover trailering your showroom Harleys, don’t drive 60 in the left lane.  You aren’t a badass.  Real bikers RIDE their bikes.  The fact that you and your wife trailer yours means the opposite.  You’re a pussy, and you should be very grateful that the emotionally distraught man you pissed off didn’t run you out of the road and do bad, bad things to you.

Second, if there’s a line of traffic in front of me and to my right, tailgating me will not do anything except make me slow down.  I can’t go any faster than the vehicle in front of mine, no matter how close you get to my bumper.  Maybe we should teach some physics to the weekend warriors who are supposed to be protecting this country.

Third, if you’re a meth-head in car on its last legs, maybe you shouldn’t pretend like you’re coming out of the pits when merging with traffic.  You and the car both have little quality time left.  Make the most of it.  Give each of you a bath.

Those are just some of the reasons I won’t carry a firearm when I drive.  People are just too damn stupid and too damn self-absorbed to be let loose on the interstate.  How there aren’t more accidents and murders is baffling to me.

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