Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

My challenge as a creative person is not whether or not I can create my novels.  Writing has always come fairly easy to me.  No, my challenge is whether or not I can find the way to make it profitable.  While the internet and new technological improvements in printing have leveled the playing field considerably, they have also created a whole new set of issues for us to deal with.

I know the answer lies in diversity.  In this multimedia, digital age, a story has to be expressed in a variety of ways, and that expression may take the forms of artwork, comic books, video games, movies, or even music.  The challenge is to develop as many of those avenues as possible while still retaining the intellectual property rights to your creation.

I’m close to having a major breakthrough.  Too many things have fallen into place in the last year and a half for me not to believe that.  Right now, my focus needs to be on cultivating one or two more avenues to get revenue flowing steadily.  A steady stream with allow for more travel, and more travel with lead to more markets opening up.

I will get there.  It’s just a matter of continuing to strike the anvil.

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