Monday Afternoon Ramblings

The weekend in Chattanooga was a pretty awesome experience overall.  Got to hang out with my good friends Rob Brown and Stephen Zimmer and also got to have lively discussions with several talented writers, artists, musicians, and directors.  Having these opportunities to interact with like-minded people and discuss our creative processes gives me a renewed sense of purpose.  I always leave a show feeling re-energized.

Sales were a little sluggish, and not just for me.  Everyone I spoke with had a bad weekend.  Personally, I was down about 50% from last year, but the new poster was very well received.  I also received a lot of outstanding feedback from people who read the first book last year and wanted the second.  That always feels good.

Overall, the weekend was a pretty good success.  Now, it’s time to focus on MidSouthCon.

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