Introducing Professor Write


Welcome to Professor Write: Your Online Writing Classroom. This site will serve as your place to sharpen your writing skills, explore your imagination, and most importantly find your voice.

The central focus of this website will be the Professor Write Video Lecture Series.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow the series as we cover the essentials for developing your writing skills. Designed for college students and aspiring writers, the videos will cover the fundamentals for honing your writing skills at your own pace and on your own time. Each Monday, I’ll add links to the new videos.

Wednesdays will be devoted to vocabulary with 20 new words added weekly. I’ll cover definitions, etymologies, and usages so that you can build a world class vocabulary.

On Fridays, I’ll answer writing related questions that I receive through the week. You can leave a comment anywhere on the blog, and I’ll attempt to answer your writing-related question as honestly and clearly as I can.

On Saturdays, I’ll share a book review of a book you should be studying if you are an aspiring writer.  From Anton Myrer to George R.R. Martin, I’ll share my take on what you can glean from these literary masters.

And from time to time, I’ll still post one of my ramblings on some topic that sparks my interest. So please, check back often for all of these exciting new segments, and if you know someone who needs to improve their writing skills, send them to Professor Write.

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