Birthday Ramblings

Today, I turn 39, and let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride.  For me, getting older doesn’t bother me because I recognize that it beats the alternative.  When I was 16, I nearly died, and while it took a few years to learn the lesson and embrace the gift I’d been granted, today I recognize that every moment of the last 22 years has been “bonus” time that I shouldn’t have had.  I won’t lie and say my life has been easy or I’ve reached the level of success I expect for myself, but I am proud of the things I have accomplished.

Nothing in this life is promised.  Nothing is guaranteed.  On this day, I’m merely grateful for another day to speak to my children,  another day to write on this blog, another day to enjoy the sun.  I don’t mind the gray in my beard or the weakening of my muscles or the little aches from old wounds.  To me, those are merely reminders of that day in 1989 when I nearly lost it all.  I’m grateful for all I’ve experienced in the last 22 years, the good and bad, because each moment has given me fuel for my creative fire.

I hope to live at least another 39 years.  I hope to write more books and more blog entries.  I hope to grow old and watch my sons become men.  I hope to grow as a person, gain more wisdom, learn to forgive, and let go of the past.  I hope to retain my kindness and compassion, because no matter what the selfish and greedy may believe, being kind and compassionate to those in need are the paths to happiness and self-contentment.  I’m still a work in progress and don’t claim to be perfect.  There are many lessons left for me to learn.  If I’m lucky, I’ll learn to be more patient with people, learn to show my love more fully, learn to be kinder to myself, and learn to forgive others.

My only selfish wish for my birthday is to sell a few books today.  So if you want to do something for my birthday, the greatest gift you could give me is to spread the word about my series and the newest release.  That’s all for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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