Friday Morning Ramblings

Book three is almost complete.  There are only two more chapters to polish, and then it’s done.  It feels surreal.  It’s taken much longer to complete this manuscript than it should have, and to all of my friends and fans, I apologize for the many delays.  Here is a brief summary of why it has taken so long.

I started writing the book in November 2007, but about a chapter and a half in, my ex-wife told me on Christmas Day that she wanted to leave.  Losing my kids was a hard blow, and the book sat untouched for a year and a half while I got myself together enough to concentrate.  Then, after I was hired by WSCC, I resumed writing in May 2009.  That summer, I knocked out over half the book and really felt like I had some momentum going.  However, that August, I started teaching dual enrollment and was overwhelmed by the volume and pace of the grading.  Again, the book went on the back burner.

Last summer, I dug in and wrote feverishly, trying to finish it before the school year began, and I damn near succeeded.  By August 2010, all that remained were a few pages in the final chapter and polishing.  Having been through dual enrollment before, I knew that my time and energy would be limited, so once again I resigned myself to waiting.  This time I figured I could finish over Christmas Break, but then, as one more obstacle, I got that terrible illness over break that laid me flat for two full weeks.  Before I knew it, school was back in session, and the book still sat unfinished.

Now, it’s really almost done, and a release date should be announced soon.  I feel like it’s a good book, definitely the strongest of the series so far, so hopefully you’ll forgive me for the delays.  Even though it’s been a slow, plodding process, I’m proud that I was able to stick with it.  In the next week or two, I’ll start book four.  Until then, thank you again for all your support and encouragement.

5 thoughts on “Friday Morning Ramblings”

  1. I am glad that the Muse returned and you were able to finish your book. What do you write, and how can I find your books. I would be interested in reading your creations, mon frere.

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