Wednesday Night Ramblings – 9/25/2019

I’ve made a conscious decision to stay out of politics for the last couple of years, but I think we are at a moment of history when a few questions need to be asked of conservatives who still support Mr. Trump. For most of my life, the stances of Republicans that I have admired most are those on states’ rights, free trade, personal accountability, and fiscal responsibility. My biggest question for conservatives is: Do you believe in and adhere to your principles, or do you support the party regardless of what principles its leaders espouse?

Conservatives claim to believe in states’ rights. However, when the state of California attempts to maintain its own standards for vehicle emissions, the president revokes that authority. Do you believe in this principle or not?

Obviously, Democrats tend to be anti-capitalism, but conservatives have always maintained that they believe in free trade. This president has done more to damage free trade and restrict it than any before him. The trade war and tariffs with China are spiralling the world into a recession. Manipulating markets and pressuring the Federal Reserve to undo the damage the trade war is doing to the economy are NOT free trade fundamentals. Do you believe in markets or not?

For the eight years of Mr. Clinton’s presidency, Republicans railed against his immorality and dishonesty. Slick Willie he was called. Mr. Trump also regularly makes false and misleading statements. Typically outright lies. He also is a womanizer. Do you believe in personal accountability or not? Why are you not as outraged by this person’s behavior as you were Mr. Clinton’s? Is it blind devotion to the party?

When Mr. Obama took office during the Great Recession, conservatives screamed from every outlet possible that the sky was falling because of the national debt and the continuation of the bailouts begun during the Bush administration. Well, under Mr. Trump, in an effort to mitigate the damage done by the trade war, more money has been given to farmers than was used to bailout GM. The national debt has mushroomed to $22 trillion dollars. Where is the conservative outrage over lack of fiscal responsibility? Do you believe in this principle or does it only matter when a Democrat is in the oval office?

My final question for conservatives is this: is there anything this president could do that would make you stop supporting him?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Ramblings – 9/25/2019”

  1. I have never fully supported President Trump. I thought that it might be a good idea for someone outside of politics to be in office, but I never thought that it would be this bad.

  2. I think what Tony mentioned was part of his allure for many voters, and the prospect of throwing a wrench into an already broken system definitely has it’s merits. I hope that people realize that the experiment didn’t work and begin to see him for what he really appears to be.

    1. Alas, I don’t think we can really fully know the impact of any sitting president.

      I also don’t believe we can claim success or failure until we first define both success and failure and then apply data to an accepted answer to the success failure definition.

      But I do agree that a good part of America voted for someone that would send a message that America is tired of the way politics is going.

  3. I think we should all ask ourselves this question about anyone we support.

    Define what we support instead of grouping as a party system.

    None of the parties in my opinion, do what we as the voting public claim they do to someone who supports a different party.

    It’s high time we remove the decisive line and decide more clearly what we believe is best in a more concrete matter.

    The party system was designed before the voting public had ready access to the greater picture.

    Now global news is local news.

    We should adapt to that change.

    But that’s just my mid day take break ramblings

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