Wednesday Morning Ramblings

The drainage ditch behind the building before being filled in.

Excellent news on the building.  The new drainage system, a variation of a French ditch, seems to be working.  Despite the heavy rains yesterday, there was very little water inside the building, and what little water was there came from the area in the roof around the chimney.  That’s a fairly easy fix and shouldn’t cost much money.  I can’t even begin to express how good it feels that all of my hard work is paying off.

The picture above shows the pipe before the dirt was filled in.  The one below shows the pipe covered with dirt and sections of brick over the drill holes for drainage.  If you look at the black plastic on the wall, you’ll get an idea of just how much dirt was moved to fill it in.  So far, it’s working exactly like we expected.  There’s still some work to do on the ends to get the water flowing away from the building, but the bulk of the job is complete.

The building is coming together.  soon, I’m going to start posting some of the before pictures to illustrate just how far we’ve come.  Overall, I’m pleased with where we are.  There’s still a lot to do, but with the momentum we have, I’m certain we’ll be successful.

The completed ditch.

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