Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

Repairs along the front wall.

The last three days have seen great progress at the farm.  We got nearly all of the brush that had been cut down dragged away and burned, and we cleared out most of what was left on the far side of the building.  There’s still a little bit to cut on the far back corner, but that job is nearly complete.  Next, we’re going to get all the little limbs and other debris to the burn pile.  The perimeter is really taking shape and looking good.  We also fixed a couple of drainage problems that should help with the flooding issue.  All in all, this has been an extremely productive weekend.

My muscles are so sore I can barely stand it, but it’s a great feeling.  Today, it feels like we’re closer to having the farm operational.  Seeing that progress is a great feeling and gives me a sense of encouragement that is hard to describe.  From all of our hard work, things are really taking shape.  I don’t want to forget to include Marty Carson.  He’s come out and helped us a few times for free, and without his help we wouldn’t be nearly as far along.  He’ll try to deny it and say that he has barely done anything, but we both very much appreciate everything he’s done.

I also want to thank all of the people who have donated to the IndieGoGo campaign.  Tony Davidson has donated twice.  Matthew McMahan gave a nice donation.  Amy Lovdal-Taylor not only made a donation but also wrote a nice note of encouragement.  And Melissa Royer also gave to our campaign.  Each of them has a special place on my list of cool people, and in all seriousness, I appreciate their support more than they’ll ever know.  That goes for everyone who has contributed.  With as hard as times are getting for all of us, I am extremely grateful for each and every dollar we have received.

We’re down to one week to go on the campaign.  If you want to donate, please do so now before the campaign is over.  Even just a $5 contribution will help us get the supplies we need to finish these renovations.  Please, help us get this farm up and running.

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