Wednesday Night Ramblings

The people who I simply can’t understand are the working class people who defend corporate greed in terms of fairness.  I’m sorry, but that Uncle Tom, willing slave mentality is beyond me.  The irony is that these people often see themselves also as defenders of individualism and self-governance, when corporate culture is much more akin to fascism and totalitarianism.  If you don’t believe me, show up to your corporate job out of uniform and attempt to express any personal view that clashes with corporate policy.  See how long you last.  I’m not suggesting anything so outlandish as showing up nude or drunk.  I’m talking the wrong color pants and openly disparaging the new benefits package.  In the fascist corporate world, you will be reprimanded swiftly for these minor individual expressions.

These same people also often lament the decline of small businesses over the last three decades yet refuse to acknowledge that the single biggest enemy to small business is and always will be big business.  Yes, I concede that the government has over-regulated too many aspects of too many areas of our lives, but we all know that the government is run by lobbyists and special interest groups whose deep pockets influence rules and regulations.  Most of them represent big business interests, so I argue that the regulations that have most hurt small business have actually been pushed by big business to reduce competition.

At this point in my life, I’m done trying to convince the willing slaves to open their eyes.  If they are so blinded by propaganda that they defend CEO’s who receive multi-million dollar bonuses for failing miserably at their jobs while simultaneously attacking civil servants who earn barely a livable wage for maintaining the infrastructure of our society, then there is no hope of ever getting through to them.  That’s how I see it anyway.

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