Tuesday Morning Ramblings

Mari and Me Cleaning Around the Building

My will is set on starting the farm, and one way or the other, I will make it happen.  However, the simple reality is that as an educator, I don’t make a lot of money, so my biggest hurdle is finding the capital for the initial startup.  Recently, on Good Morning America, I saw a piece about a woman who needed to raise money for a photography business.  She used a site called Indie GoGo to request donations to help her get started.

After researching the company and mulling it over and discussing it with Mari, I decided to do the same.  Below is a link to our donations page.  If you can afford to donate $5-20 and would like to see this endeavor succeed, please follow this link and donate whatever amount is comfortable for you.  You have my guarantee that your donation will come to Mari and me and will be used to purchase materials for the farm and nothing else.  If you can’t afford to donate anything at this point, you can still help.  Please, share this link with your friends and family.  Please, help me spread the word.

I don’t like asking people for money, especially friends, but in order to get this farm running, we’re gonna need materials to renovate the building and equipment to operate the hydroponic units.  Any help you can offer will be much appreciated.  Thank you for your support.

A & M Organics

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Ramblings”

  1. Hey! Got your message and will do. Nice profile. Love the idea and plan to take advantage of it myself. Wishing you the best of luck in this endeavor and LOVE the pic of u guys at the farm.

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