Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

I just read an article about the NFL CBA dispute, and it really makes me sick.  How fucking greedy can people be?  The owners, all multi-billionaires on their own, are unwilling to share more of the pie with the athletes, all of whom make more in one season than I can make in my career as a teacher.  Really, guys?  At this point in our nation’s economic situation, you are going to squabble over how you share the $9 billion a year revenue?  Maybe I’m just overly sensitive, but that just seems like a slap in the face to every middle-class citizen in this country.  Most of us are struggling, really struggling, just to see a little daylight in our lives, and you greedy bastards are fighting over sharing billions.  That just infuriates me.

If one game, even pre-season, gets cancelled over this bullshit, I swear I’ll stop watching.  Major League Baseball pulled the same horseshit in 94, and the sport nearly went bankrupt before they let Mark McGuire juice up and hit extra-far-traveling baseballs in that sham 98 season.  Many people who were avid baseball fans haven’t seen a game since 94, and I will be like one of them.  You are already overpaid, all of you, and now at this point, you want to get even more greedy?  That’s a big load of bullshit, and I won’t be part of it.

I realize that my lone little act of defiance won’t really make a difference in this argument, and long-term, much like baseball, the NFL will survive, but the greed just astonishes me.

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