Friday Morning Ramblings

Forgive me while I vent, but I’m pretty pissed off right now and have a few things I need to get off my chest.

I realize that I’m just a dumb, hillbilly clod hopper from a rural and backwards part of the country, so I apologize for presuming that I know anything about world history, politics, economics, religion, spirituality, science, psychology, or anthropology.  I apologize for all of those hours I spent at the library, pretending to read books and articles on those subjects while in fact I was merely daydreaming about sitting on a creek bank with my bare feet dangling in the water.  I apologize for all the years I’ve wasted watching and listening to educational programs when my poor, feeble mind was too ignorant and uninformed to grasp any of the concepts.  I apologize for expressing my ignorant opinions in front of people, exposing myself for the backwards hick I am.

Those of you from the major cities of this world are so much more sophisticated than I am, with your coked out dance clubs and exotic cocktail lounges.  All those hours I spent reading materials, contemplating the ideas, and writing responses were hours wasted.  Instead, I should’ve just been going to parties and gossiping among the socialites.  Instead of grinding the puny gears of my tiny brain, I should’ve just been chasing the almighty dollar.  Why oh why did I waste so much time and energy and money pursuing knowledge and enlightenment when rubes like me are incapable of processing complex concepts?

Silly, simple me.

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