Saturday Morning Ramblings

When it warms up just a bit, I’m gonna get to work on my first prototype for the farm.  I just ordered a couple of the parts I need, and they should be here within the next couple of weeks.  For now, I’m mostly gonna focus on the frames, and I’m gonna start with a wooden structure because I have a bunch of old boards that need to be put to use.  In the long run, I’ll probably make them out of PVC or some metal, but during the learning process, I’m gonna use materials already in hand.

This should be fun.  The basic shape I have in mind is very simple and straightforward.  All I have to work out are a couple of structural concerns for weight and the downward slope for the shelving.  Once I have those things worked out, it shouldn’t take too long to build.  I’ll try to add an update later today on how it went.  For now, I’m gonna enjoy a second cup of coffee and relax for a few.

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