Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

Another update: I’ve recently started running again.  It’s been 18 years since I ran regularly, so getting back into it took a major build-up of courage for me.  I’ve never been a good runner, but the workout is really good for my heart and blood pressure.  After just a couple of weeks, I can already make two 1/3 of a mile laps at the park.  I can’t complete them consecutively yet, so that’s why I didn’t write 2/3 of a mile.  Still, I feel pretty good about my progress in such a short time.

My goal is to get back to 3 miles a day.  That’s what I ran back in the football days, and I feel pretty confident that I can get back to that level.  Also, I would like to make it in thirty minutes.  That’s just a ten minute mile, which isn’t all that fast, so I feel like it’s a realistic goal to start with.  Once I make that, I’ll work on getting the time down.

Running will help me get down to my goal weight and get my blood pressure under control.  It’s also a great stress release, so maybe all the stress of dual enrollment and my overload schedule won’t overwhelm me this semester.  We’ll see.

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