Tuesday Morning Ramblings

Here’s an update on the farm:  We’ve stopped focusing on clearing land for the time being to work on cleaning out and renovating the building.  Since the farm will specialize in hydroponic production for the vegetables, the building will be the hub of operations.  We’ve made great progress so far and should have electricity back on in the next few weeks.

The goal right now is to get the first hydro unit purchased and installed by the end of this year and do a couple of test crops before spring.  More than likely we’ll start with tomatoes and cucumbers, but we’ll see what is in strongest demand before committing to anything.  Once we see how well the production is, we’ll look into expanding the number of units throughout the spring.

Also, we’re working on the solar panel installation.  If all goes well, we may have that side up and running before too long.  I’m very excited about the possibilities with that.  The start-up costs are tremendous, but long-term, the units pay for themselves within a three to five years.  Also, for the long-term sustainability of an organic farm, renewable energy is a must.

So that’s a more detailed update of what’s going on.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Ramblings”

  1. Solar panels? Is that a bunch of dirty, commie talk?

    Thank you, but I prefer my veggies made with fossil fuels the way GOD INTENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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