Cinco de Mayo Ramblings

Lee Dewyze has become my favorite on American Idol.  The thing I love about him is that he brings it every single week, regardless of genre or theme.  He just goes out and sings the song and makes it his own.  While the tone of his voice is not my favorite, his willingness to give every performance his all has made me a fan.  Since the most talented rarely wins the competition, I doubt he’ll be the last one standing, but he should have a long and lucrative career.

I still like Crystal Bowersox.  She is without a doubt the most talented musician this year.  Each week, with the exception of Shania Twain week, she has taken the theme and done something special with it.  I thought she was brilliant last night, very subtle, very sweet, a touching rendition of that song.  The judges were too harsh in their criticisms.  Bowersox is a completely different kind of performer than Frank Sinatra was, and to expect her to come out and try to “be” Frank Sinatra is just ludicrous.  She did what any great musician does; she made it her own.

The others I thought were all mediocre.  Well, Aaron was okay.  Big Mike just doesn’t do it for me.  There’s a nasally tone to his voice that grates on my ear, and he’s a little too Broadway for my taste.  Casey just is a one trick show pony. Hopefully, he will go home tonight, but the way America usually votes, he’ll probably win it all.

On a different note, I’m almost done grading, so vacation is almost here.  I’m completely exhausted and ready to rest a little.  I’m also ready to get back to doing what I do best–writing books.

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