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Friday Morning Ramblings

Recently, I’ve had a lot of new followers to this blog, so I wanted to take a moment while I wait for the stragglers to bring in their final papers to provide a little background for my fantasy series, The Brotherhood of Dwarves.

The central story revolves around a young dwarf, Roskin, who is the heir to a kingdom of dwarves that live underground in an isolated mountain range.  Because of their location, these dwarves have had no enemies for centuries and have been allowed to focus their energies on more than warfare.  As such, they are refined and civilized, renowned for their art, music, and poetry.  In short, they are not your stereotypical dwarves.

But Roskin is young and ambitious, bored with the refinement and yearning for adventure.  By chance, he hears the tale of an artifact stolen from a neighboring kingdom, a statuette that signifies the bond between the races of dwarves.  Seeing an opportunity to make a name for himself, he decides to search for this artifact and return it to its rightful owners.  To do so, he must first find Crushaw, the human who built the fortress where the item is rumored to be held.

Crushaw was once a ruthless, highly skilled general, but was stripped of his rank and exiled to a remote military outpost after refusing to enter a battle.  Having lost his honor, he has descended into alcoholism and lives off the mercy of a dwarven tavern owner, Molgheon.  The adventure follows Roskin and Crushaw as they make their way to the fortress, hunted by both slave traders and soldiers from the army Crushaw once led…

The Brotherhood of Dwarves – Book One

Red Sky at Dawn – Book Two

The Fall of Dorkhun – Book Three