Enough with the Satire for a Minute; This is Still Serious

Seventh Star Press Open House
Update – 12/26/13:  A lot of people shared this link, and a few people were generous enough to purchase books.  A handful of people gave direct donations that saved Christmas for this family, but now that the holidays are over, what about January and the next month and the next?  The reason I made my offer was because I recognize that the circumstances they face extend beyond just Christmas gifts for the children.  Sure, that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy for a little bit, but the medical bills and larger issues still loom.  Here’s my challenge:  Are you willing to help a real family in need beyond the holidays?  Will you not just share this link but encourage your friend to read it?

I recently learned that a person close to Seventh Star Press, someone who has been a big supporter of my writing, is dealing with some serious financial difficulty. This person’s spouse suffered debilitating health issues a year and a half ago, which has caused tremendous financial strain on their family. This person works and raises kids, and these circumstances and difficulties could happen to any one of us. Because of the financial strain, Christmas for this family is not going to be a joyous occasion. Instead, they are worried about whether or not they can pay the rent and keep the lights on and put food on the table.

In the spirit of this season, I want to help out, but I don’t have any money myself. I work in education. But I do have a good series of books, so here’s my offer. I will donate 50% of any and all royalties I earn between now and Dec. 31 directly to this family, and Seventh Star Press will match that amount. I’m posting Amazon links to each paperback version of my books, but this offer applies to any format from any outlet. It’s a small gesture, I know, but right now, it’s the best I can do. Please, if you can, let’s help this family get through this difficult time:

The Brotherhood of Dwarves –

Red Sky at Dawn –

The Fall of Dorkhun –

Between Dark and Light –

Thunder on the Battlefield –

Update – 12/18/13: we’re making progress, but not nearly enough.  Please, if you can help out financially, buy my books.  If money is tight for you, too, please share this link and spread this story around.  Let’s help out a deserving family.

Update – 12/17/13: Thank you to everyone who shared my links and spread the word about this yesterday.  Your support and encouragement got this idea in front of a lot of people.  We made a small dent but not nearly enough.  Please, keep the message circulating and let’s help this family get through the New Year on better footing.

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