Brotherhood Ramblings

I wrote my series for teenagers because I see a hole in the market for good, powerful adventures aimed at young men and women. To me, most young adult lit is either hackneyed garbage or dumbed down drivel. I wanted to give them characters who are real, strong, vulnerable, self-sufficient, flawed people. I wanted to give them compelling role models because they need real guidance in these messed up days.

Religion, for the most part, has failed them, focusing more on gay-bashing and hate-mongering than on spiritually uplifting them. The church offers few realistic answers in this digital age, so I created a world devoid of any religious reference.

Our educational system has failed them, churning out multiple test drones instead of thinking adults, so I gave them a series that shows shades of gray instead of black and white. I want people to think for themselves, not blindly follow what Fox News blathers.

If you’re looking for a summer reading list, check out The Brotherhood of Dwarves, a powerful saga about regular people standing up to tyranny and overcoming greed and materialism. There’s no profanity, no sex, no religion. Just good, fast-paced action about people standing on their own two feet. Join the Brotherhood today.

2 thoughts on “Brotherhood Ramblings”

  1. I got The Brotherhood of Dwarves as an Amazon free kindle book, I’m a fan of AD&D so read it right away….halfway through the first book I went and purchased the other 3 in the series. I am finishing Between Dark & Light now and am impatiently waiting for a new one to be released. I am 50, female, and highly enjoyed the lack of religious theme and the way you showed that there is good and bad in everyone. I will be putting these on my son & daughter’s kindles so they can enjoy them as much as I have. I can also promise this is NOT my only read….it’s a good thing they aren’t in paperback form or they would end up in tatters.

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