Saturday Night Ramblings

I’m sorry I haven’t posted more on here recently. I’m feeling tired and beat up and old from the semester, and for the last few months, there’s been virtually no peace in my life. I don’t want to share those details publicly, but hopefully, the situation is now resolved. Hopefully, that’s all in the past.

I’m tired. Deep in the bones, worn to a nub, dragging in the dirt tired. Between teaching, enduring sleep apnea, dealing with horse crap, and feeling torn in fifty directions at once, I don’t have much left in the tank. I need to regroup, re-assess my priorities, and recuperate. Not sure when I’ll write another blog entry.

If I’m not around, please know that I’m trying to pick myself back up and move forward. I’m trying to get to work on book five. I’m trying to press on. Please, have a little more patience with me.

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