40 Year Old Ramblings

Someone get those damn kids off my lawn.  How the hell do I get this clock to stop flashing?  Speak up.  I can barely hear you.  What’s happening to me?  Holy crap, I’m 40 years old today.

I wish I could offer some pearls of wisdom to the world now that I’m officially over the hill, but about the only thing I’ve learned in this life is that I don’t really know anything.  On this day, I’m grateful for all my friends and family who love me.  I’m grateful for my sons who give me purpose.  The first 40 years have been a wild ride.  I hope the next 40 settle down a little bit because I’m ready for a little tranquility and peace of mind.

This semester has been brutal, to say the least.  Before Thursday, I’d only had two days off over the last two months, and I’m feeling exhausted.  I purposefully took these four days off to recharge for the final push.  Once I get over this hump, I hope to get caught up on the important things I’ve had to shove to the back burner, such as building the second hydro unit and taking care of everyone who claimed a perk during the fundraiser.

For today, I plan to watch football, eat pumpkin pie, and rest a little more.  Hopefully, I’ll get some good news about book four to share soon.  As soon as I know something, I’ll share the news.  Until then, if you want to do something for my birthday, please share the links to book one and spread the word about the series.  All I want today is to sell a few books.




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