Monday Evening Ramblings

I’ve finished the final edits for book four and have submitted the manuscript to Seventh Star Press for publication.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a book, especially when it’s been ruminating in your skull for several years.  Having it complete and knowing that it’s close to being let loose on the world is still surreal to me.  Books two and three went through multitudes of setbacks before completion, so this one was finished relatively fast.  However, this one also took more out of me than the others.  I’m not certain why, but the actual writing and editing of this novel was much harder than the previous ones.

That’s all for now.  There’s a lot more I’d like to say, but my brain is too scattered and tired right now.  If you can, please spread the word about book four, and let’s make this release something special.  Stay tuned.

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