Saturday Afternoon Ramblings

Here’s an update on the farm.  The first hydroponic unit is doing pretty well.  All of our seeds but two came up, and so far, all of the plants are growing well, especially the cucumbers.  Assuming nothing goes awry, we should have our first harvest by the end of this month.  We’ve learned a lot on this initial run and have some plans for how to refine and improve the system.  Our next goal is to build a second system that is dedicated solely to one crop.  From there, we’ll work on building at least one unit for each specific plant.

Now that this system has proven itself, I have a question open to anyone.  Do you think it would be worth the effort to run a second Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the second unit?  The last campaign was a little disappointing, but now, with a functional unit in place, do you think more people would be willing to contribute?  After watching the efficiency of the system, I’m convinced now more than ever that this is the future of farming, and I’m more dedicated than ever to getting this project off the ground.  Please, share your thoughts and let me know your opinions.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Ramblings”

  1. I think people are more inclined to part ways with their cash when they’ve got something tangible to look at, so this may be worth the effort to try it again.

    That is very cool, by the way.

  2. I have always wanted to try growing that way, I know alot of people that enjoy doing it !

    I use a technique called WINTER is where you start seeds outside in the cold, inside milk jugs, containers.

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