Friday Morning Ramblings

About to hit the road on my way to Con Nooga at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.  This will be the first major event for the re-launch of my series under SSP, so I’m bubbling with excitement.  I’ll be rooming with my good friend and colleague Stephen Zimmer and am looking forward to seeing some old friends I’ve not seen for some time: Andy Deane, Kimberly Richardson, Paul and Michael Bielaczyc, Ed Crandell, Sean Taylor, Allan Gilbreath, and the many friends and fans I’ve made in Chattanooga.  If I’ve left anyone out, please forgive me.  I’ll be in the dealer’s room at the Seventh Star booth most of the weekend, so please come by and see me.

I’ll try to post an update sometime tomorrow, but with the way most shows go, that may have to wait until Monday.  I will send in updates to Facebook and Twitter (@authordaadams), so if you want to keep up with the festivities, you can follow me there.  This weekend is a major milestone in my writing career because it’s my first real public appearance not as an independent author, and with the new covers and gorgeous artwork Bonnie Wasson has given me, I’m excited to see the response.  It’s time to shake some foundations and rattle some windows, so get ready Choo Choo; D. A. Adams is coming to town!

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