Patriotic Ramblings – Part Two

I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans.  Ashamed of you.  On Monday, we had an opportunity to pull together and begin healing as a nation, but instead of celebrating an American victory over al-Qaeda, we’ve spent the week having yet another political pissing match over who should get the credit or the blame.  Democrats have sounded like gloating jerks, “Nah, nah, our president got him.”  And Republicans have sounded like sour grapes losers, “Well, the ni…er…socialist didn’t have anything to do with it.”  Then, we have the conspiracy theorists who don’t believe that Bin Laden is dead or that he had anything to do with 9-11.

It’s sickening to watch and hear.  All of you who have taken this moment and politicized it, from Rush Limbaugh to Rashard Mendenhall to every last individual who has denigrated the bravery of the Navy Seals who pulled it off, the Commander-in-Chief who ordered it, and every person in between who contributed to it, should hang your heads in shame for disgracing our country this week.  All of you are pathetic, power-hungry hate mongers who are ripping our country apart.

We don’t need an enemy like al-Qaeda to destroy us because we have you doing their jobs for them.  There aren’t words for how disgusted I am by the pettiness and vulgarity I’ve witnessed from my country this week.  The victory was an American one, but this week has quickly dissolved into a loss because of the stupidity of partisans who can’t let go of their own selfish political interests long enough to celebrate national pride.

After 9-11, we set aside politics for several months and fixed our resolve on bringing Osama Bin Laden to justice.  On Sunday night, I was proud to be an American, proud to be part of a country that could display such resolve.  By Wednesday afternoon, I am ashamed of my nation, of the incessant bickering and squabbling over partisanship.  I am ashamed of all of you for taking what could have been a turning point for our nation, a return to what once made us so great, and turning it into a tasteless joke.

You don’t deserve to call yourselves Americans.

2 thoughts on “Patriotic Ramblings – Part Two”

  1. Son, you said it way better than I ever could. This country is on a path to complete distruction. NO one wants to pull it together and be real Americans. Our founding fathers are probably spinning in their graves. I am sure of it. Mom

  2. As always, you are on point. It’s really disheartening to see how stupid people can be. I had to turn off my TV as it was making me naseous. That coupled with the sour looks on people’s faces aas you passed them by in the street because they are high on their misplaced notions and reveling in divissiveness was revolting. Idiocy runs amok!

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