Friday Morning Ramblings

After the storms on Wednesday, I’m grateful that all we lost was one tree.  I haven’t been out to the farm to assess the property there, but no major cells went over that area, so I’m not too worried about the building.  All in all, we were very fortunate.  One of my colleagues at the college lost her husband and she has been in ICU.  Her house was completely destroyed by the F-2 tornado that struck Greene County. Her daughter, future son-in-law, and two grandchildren live with her, and thankfully, they are okay.  All I can say is that Wednesday night was a terrifying experience, and I hope we don’t have another one like it any time soon.

The college is accepting donations for the family.  They need clothes and baby items, especially.  Here is the list of sizes the college has forwarded: Susie (large possibly sweat suits or gowns since Susie will probably have to go through extensive rehabilitation for her leg injury),  Sheena (Susie’s daughter)- XL  16-18 clothes  shoe size 9,  Brian (son-in-law) large possibly sweat suits,  3 toddler size boy , and 6-0 month size girl.  I’m sure diapers and other bay stuff would be welcome, too.

If you can donate anything, just drop by any WSCC campus and tell them you have items for Susie and her family.

In less somber news, the semester is almost over.  All that’s left is Finals Week and a furious round of grading to get grades posted by the deadline on Friday.  The last two weeks of any semester are the most difficult, especially for Comp teacher because of the time crunch for reading and grading essays.  All in all, however, I’ll take this round of grading over what the alternatives could’ve been Wednesday night.  Overall, I have nothing to complain about.

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