Wednesday Morning Ramblings

If it stops raining, I think I’m gonna run to the building this afternoon and get a little work done.  There is still a lot of brush to clean up along the back, and the roof and gutter still need cleaning.  I had planned on getting those complete last Saturday, but when the rains came in that day, I had to stop short.  Obviously, if it’s still raining this afternoon, I won’t able to get anything done today, but hopefully, the weather will clear up, and I can get two to three good hours of work put in.

I would like to start repairing the front wall this weekend.  Now that the back wall isn’t flooding like before, the front wall is the priority for being able to use the building.  The exterior seems to be in pretty good shape, but the interior needs to be completely redone.  We need both insulation and new walls, and until that wall is fixed, it’s not really feasible to install the growing unit.  The unit involves a lot of sensitive equipment, and we can’t risk damage to anything because we didn’t take the time to properly repair the building.

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