Saturday Morning Ramblings

The back wall with the plastic sheeting and drainage tubing.

Considering the weather, I feel like this was a successful week at the farm.  I got sheets of plastic and a drainage tube run along the back wall to stop the flooding that happens with every heavy rain.  Hopefully, the adhesive will hold long-term.  I also got most of the roof swept off so I can get the gutter cleaned out, which should alleviate much of the water flow in the back.  Next, we’ll also seal the inside of the back wall with masonry sealant that should keep it completely dry inside.  I also got most of the materials inside moved to one corner so that we can begin repairing the front wall, so overall it was a productive week.  My body is pretty beaten and battered, but it’s a good kind of sore.  I’m proud of all I got done.

My boots after fighting all the rain and mud.

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