Monday Afternoon Ramblings

This post is for all the cowboys who think that driving carefully on snowy/icy/slushy roads is an affront to your manhood.  First, yes, your SUV/pickup/Jeep may have 4WD, but that only helps out in a straight line moving forward.  It offers no real assistance with turning or stopping.  The reason everyone else on the road has slowed down is because we understand this basic fact of physics.  Second, if your sense of manhood is so frail as to be wounded by demonstrating common sense, you have much smaller issues than the speed you’re driving, if you catch my drift.

Also, when there’s snow/sleet falling and visibility is greatly diminished, don’t bother tailgating me in some moronic attempt to make me speed up.  I’m smart enough to know that if I can’t see, I can’t drive fast, and none of your hyper-macho stupidity will change that.  You are the problem, and you are the one who will cause the vast majority of traffic fatalities, not me.  So take a deep breath, lean back in your seat, and slow the hell down.  This isn’t a NASCAR sanctioned event, and you aren’t Jr.  If it were a NASCAR race, they’d cancel it because the track would be too treacherous for racing.  Because they’re smart.

Okay, enough venting for now.  I need to live far away from people.

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