Wednesday Morning Ramblings

Well, I had a great trip with the boys.  We spent the first week in Morristown and visited with family.  All three of the grandparents hadn’t seen them in over a year, so it was good for them to reconnect.  Then, we went to Chattanooga and stayed at the Choo Choo, which is one of my favorite places.  The ambiance of the old train station is special.  While there, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium and Imax, and if you haven’t been yet, you need to make the trip.  It’s an amazing experience.

After that, we went to Fontana Lake and spent three nights at the Fontana Village Resort.  It’s a pretty nice place and offers a lot for a family to take advantage of.  My only complaint was that the area has become a mecca of sorts for motorcycle enthusiasts, so I had to put up with a lot of posers.  On the other hand, I also got to meet a handful of very cool people who live the life, so in the end, it all balanced out.  The resort is well worth the money, and I’ll probably go back fairly soon.

Now, I’m trying to get back into something of a regular routine.  Dual enrollment has started back, so I’m already in the classroom, and I still need to finish the last few pages of book three, but overall, life is good.  I’ll write more soon.

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