The Chameleon Affair Ramblings

I originally posted this link last week, and to my friends who have already helped, thank you.  The campaign is over halfway to its goal.  To those of you who are on the fence or uncertain about this project, I’m appealing to you to please donate to this film.  Frank Fradella is a good man who I’ve met and gotten to know over the last year, and as a writer and former publisher myself, I know firsthand the struggles to launch a project from the ground floor.  It takes a lot of support from a lot of people, and it takes money.  You may not think that a $10 donation would do much, but I can promise you that even the smallest contribution means the world to a creative person trying to launch a project.  Please, help Frank out.

Let me also add two things.  I’m not part of this production and will receive no monetary compensation from the film.  I just want to help out a fellow creative person who has a vision.  Secondly, having met Frank and gotten to know him through interaction and mutual friends, I can vouch that every penny you donate will go solely into the production of this film.  Please, donate $10 now.

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