Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

For many, today is a national holiday.  To some, it’s a sacred holiday that signifies the best life has to offer and the promise of a happier tomorrow.  For the latter, they take the day off work and relax in their living rooms with a Mr. Show with Bob and David marathon and an assortment of snacks to rival Super Bowl Sunday.  For the casual observer of this holiday, the celebration will begin sometime after work and will involve a cold Mountain Dew and Doritos.  For all, however, the festivities will be relaxed.

Today is April 20.

While the holiday doesn’t have the same allure for me that it once did, I do still look back the fuzzy memories of past years and smile at the lack of recollection of those celebrations.  Some of my friends will remember the “Stuck in the Mud” dance, which was my personal April 20 favorite.  Others have experienced the loss of English language skills that marks an exceptionally well-celebrated holiday.  For some, the five hour search for the car keys and cell phone was the evening’s highlight.  Whatever the personal favorite fuzzy memory, this holiday is special to all who celebrate it.

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, talk to your teenager.  More than likely, they do.


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